As e-commerce in Europe grows, specialty retailers and luxury brands will find that more markets are becoming competitive due to the investments in local e-commerce by fast fashion leaders.

German fast fashion retailer C&A is expanding its e-commerce presence in Europe outside the EU-5 to include a dedicated store serving Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in the Nordics, Portugal, Greece, and Croatia, Chechia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia in Eastern Europe. Available in English and denominated in euros, the store supplements e-commerce sites specific to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland that are already available.

Brand adoption

Fast fashion retailers, initially late to digital, have led luxury and specialty retailers in digital development, earning higher Digital IQ scores than their peers in L2’s Specialty Retail UK report. Fast fashion brands use digital to create a sense of urgency to incentivize purchase, while also focusing on fast and cheap fulfillment. H&M and Primark gain outsized influence on Instagram, while ASOS’s deliberate text-heavy site construction leads retailers and luxury brands in search visibility in the UK. To compete, each specialty retailer must invest in building a digital presence.

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