L2 Staff Picks Favorite Mobile Apps At L2 we certainly love our smartphones and there are a number of apps that we just can’t live without. Check out our staff picks below to find out which tools help us function or just have fun.


Ari Wolfe, Research & Advisory Lead

In terms of sheer time on an app, I use the New York Times every day on my subway commute. I do tend to use Facebook and Instagram a fair amount but my new favorite by far is the Yahoo Weather app. Its beautiful integration with Flickr content and the ad-free interface has edged its way into my daily routine. 


Jimmy McMillan, Animator

Glitché is photo-editing app that capitalizes on “datamoshing”: an aesthetic borne out of compression errors, buggy encoding, and other happy accidents that occur when saving images. The app allows you to apply and control these interesting effects on your photography, convincing your friends that your Instagram account has some very visually pleasing ghosts in the machine.


Scott Galloway, Founder

My favorite apps: Uber is a real breakthrough and saves time. Instagram, I’m using it as an archive, mostly pictures of my kids, then Vine to archive travel experiences. Both Instagram and Vine are rewarding as they let you attempt to express your creative side. I also use Pandora, mostly in the gym or running.


Katherine Dillon, COO

My favorite is Solar, a great weather app. A vertical swipe gives you a visual representation of the changing weather conditions by the hour; quite handy for knowing when you are going to need the umbrella.


Chiara Lena, Research Analyst

The one I use a lot is WhatsApp. I love it, it helps me stay in contact with family and friends and since I can create group chats, I can talk to different people at the same time. Really useful if you have to organize something with friends in a quick way.


Andrea Derricks, Research & Advisory Lead

I prefer functionality over entertainment, so Walgreens is one of my favorite mobile apps. The scan to refill feature is a lifesaver. Also, it lets me transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies and look up the nearest retail location. In terms of most-used (outside of Facebook and Instagram), Yelp and RunKeeper top my list.


Stasha Rosen, Research & Advisory Lead

I’m obsessed with Ingress, a near real-time augmented reality massively multiplayer online video game created by Niantic Labs for Android devices. Let me know if you need an invite…

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