Instagram can be a content goldmine for brands. With minimal investment, featuring content produced by users can increase the chances of purchase by up to 6.4x (for average for retail brands). Users browsing a commerce site has a 9.4% higher chance of conversion if they interact with a piece of content generated by a user – such as an Instagram photo or review of a brand product.

instagram-2015-impact-of-ugc-on-e-commerce-conversion-rates (2)


Surprisingly, brands are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Several brands with a young customer base place no user-generated photos on their product pages, while brands such as Urban Outfitters place them on just a fifth of their sites.

Five brands – Bumble and Bumble, NYX, Smashbox, Murad and Anthropologie – are leveraging the power of fan content by populating all of their product pages with user-generated images. Of those, Bumble and Bumble posts the most images per page.

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See L2’s Intelligence Report: Instagram for more.

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