Our Digital IQ Index: Food featured M&M’s search strategy as a Flash of Genius. L2 Head of Research Maureen Mullen discusses why in this new video.


M&M’s controls 100% of paid search real estate for its brand terms with results that direct consumers to the its product personalization page mymms.com and the brand Facebook page. In organic search, M&M’s controls 80% of brand inquiries and 53% of terms across the broader food category.


M&M’s true genius is broadening its search terms beyond chocolate lovers and brand fans to anyone who could use its personalized offerings. Wedding favors and party favors are the top non-brand search queries that direct to mymms.com.


93% of candy search ad impressions are controlled by Mymms.com, Hershey’s, and Starburst. M&M’s has 45 million ad impressions in the U.S. each year.

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