Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 4.47.52 PMDespite the increased role that digital now plays in the brand-consumer relationship, the primary goal has and will always remain the same: customer satisfaction. In the high-touch, service-oriented sector of hospitality this is a particular challenge, where even the most well-respected brands like Four Seasons, St. Regis and Mandarin Oriental find themselves having to make impeccable first impressions, plural, throughout the course of a guest’s stay. Thankfully, digital innovations have streamlined processes in this industry, providing guests with lower-touch luxury while at the property, and then after they leave, helping to extend the life of those hard-earned good impressions through email marketing, online loyalty programs, and other digital CRM efforts.

In our new Digital IQ Index: Russia | Prestige report, Mandarin Oriental (that’s a rendering of MO’s new Moscow property above) stood out among its peers for its online personal accounts. In the image below, even if you can’t read Cyrillic, you can see to the level of detail Mandarin Oriental allows its Russian-speaking guests to tailor their personal preferences for targeted email communications. From choosing email frequency and newsletter language to identifying favorite suites at favorite properties, users can also create data-rich profiles, inputting everything from favorite in-room newspapers and bed type to a personal timeline of Mandarin Oriental stays. In an industry with fierce competition for guest loyalty, features like these can only help to make people feel more special and more “at home,” both big factors that influence future bookings.


Given Russia’s strong taste for luxury and rapidly increasing internet penetration among millennials and older jet set (i.e., MO’s target customer), it was surprising that the hotel was just one of eight brands in our report (out of 84 total) to offer account personalization to Russian-speaking guests. Of the 12 hotels whose digital footprints we tracked in Russia, 10 have already invested in basic Russian translation for their sites–a strong signal that attracting Russian guests is a high priority.

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