Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.16.07 PMBetween New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, Olay launched the online and offline #Beautiful Smile for Beloved You# campaign, featured in a Flash of Genius in our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | China. At the center of the campaign was a mini-video about a daughter working far away from home who makes a scrapbook of photos of her mother and herself. She then gives it as a gift to her mother with a bottle of Olay Regenerist. The movie encouraged fans to buy and customize a bottle of the cream for their mothers.


The movie was promoted on Sina Weibo and Youku, and led to the sale of 2,000 product sets through Tmall in a month. The campaign hashtag #Beautiful Smile for Beloved You# was mentioned 1.2 million mentions on Sina Weibo, and the movie link was reposted 10,000 times in two days.


Olay promoted the campaign in offline events with special guest Olay spokesperson and actress Yuanyuan Gao, who stars in the popular family TV drama Let’s Get Married. The brand’s press outreach was effective as well; more than 50 outlets covered the campaign.


#Beautiful Smile for Beloved You# succeeded due to a combination of tapping into nostalgia for the brand, and perfect timing. Olay, who entered China in 1989 is one of the top three Beauty brands in the market. The movie of a mother-daughter relationship, which was based on a true story, invoked memories of the brand for the younger generation. Timing was perfect as well, since the month of January is prime gifting season for consumers.

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