Blog-Resize (4)Oscar Mayer made a bold move this March to drum up publicity for its bacon product, and L2 featured it as a Flash of Genius in the Digital IQ Index: Food. It manufactured a small device that emitted the smell and sound of sizzling bacon at a preset time when attached to an iPhone. Fans could use the device as an alarm to wake up to the smell of bacon.


To encourage fans to visit the brand site, Oscar Mayer did not sell the device. Those who wanted one of the limited number of devices had to apply on brand microsite Oscar Mayer promoted the app with a YouTube video with 51,000 views on the first day and 4,550,000 views to date. The ad is the brand’s most-viewed video by 30x the average. Oscar Mayer also promoted the campaign extensively on Twitter, capitalizing on the popularity of #bacon (2 million mentions) on the social media platform. The tweet introducing the alarm clock with a video was retweeted more than 1,700 times.


The alarm clock app received good reviews with four of five users rated it four stars or above, beneficial for future promotions.


Currently, the microsite is running a campaign for Oscar Mayer’s Turkey Bacon hinged on turkey bacon’s unpopularity compared to the original. It stars Kevin Bacon’s musician brother Michael Bacon, and encouraged fans to follow him on Twitter to give him the popularity he deserves. So, far, the non-famous Bacon’s followers @MichaelBacon36 remain unmoved, but that could very well change.

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