Blog_googleTo target a generation of younger Americans watching the Super Bowl, Gifted brand and 15th in our Digital IQ Index: Auto report Audi launched a Snapchat campaign along with its 30-second spot “Compromise Scares Us”. The commercial showed a couple blending the genes of a Chihuahua and a Doberman to compromise on a breed of dog they wanted. The clip shows the dog running wild and causing problems such as eating Sarah McLachlan’s guitar as she is making a PSA in support of the Doberhuahua. For Snapchat, Audi partnered with The Onion to create witty snaps poking at Super Bowl commercials


Investing in Snapchat investment was a risk. The campaign reach was narrowed to Snapchat’s 60 million monthly active users, many of which are too young to drive. (As a comparison, Twitter has 255 million monthly active users.) And because Snapchat is an emerging platform, the team had to take all snaps with a single phone and accept followers manually. Sharing potential was limited because Snaps disappear after they are viewed, but some fans still managed to share screenshots of the campaign.


Despite all the barriers, Audi delivered a successful campaign with 100,000 views on Snapchat, 2,500 new Twitter followers, 9,000 new Facebook followers, and 5,500 new Snapchat followers on Super Bowl Sunday. Its television spot became one of the most searched for videos on YouTube. Early promotion was partly responsible for the success; Audi promoted its campaign a week before the Superbowl and asked fans to follow the brand on Snapchat.


While other brands have experimented with Snapchat (Rebecca Minkoff, Nars, Juicy Couture), Audi’s campaign was an exception in its success. (Users complained about the short time-frame and inability to recall images after being surprised by a Snapchat message from a brand.) It will be interesting to see how Audi will improve its techniques for its upcoming Snapchat campaign during ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.”

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