enjoy-by-4.20California based brewery and ‘Gifted’ brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer Stone Brewing Company gathered publicity by brewing a perishable beer and advertising its short shelf life. The Enjoy By IPA was brewed to expire roughly a month after its bottling, and the expiration date was written in large, bold font on the label. To draw more attention to the beer’s limited availability, Stone Brewing Company created a microsite with a running ticker calculating the days left to the brews’ expiration.


Each batch of Enjoy By IPA was available in select U.S. states, and fans could vote to bring it to their state by sharing a photo on Twitter, Instagram or beer discovery social platform Uptappd with the hashtag #EnjoyBy and a zip code. The user-generated photos were featured on a social stream on the Enjoy By microsite.


The campaign has been a success. The brand is selling its third batch, set to expire May 16. Engagement was high as well, with more than 23,000 Instagram pictures, 24,000 UnTappd check-ins and 2,500 Tweets. Last year, Stone Brewing became the tenth largest craft brewing company, a position it achieved with no paid advertising. The Enjoy By campaign shows how social media fans will expand the audience of a clever campaign.

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