Blog-Resize (29)Genius and No. 6 in the L2’s Digital IQ Index: Prestige Hotels Marriott launched the Travel Brilliantly campaign in June 2013 as an open call for travelers to submit ideas to improve the travel experience. Over 700 ideas were submitted, and users could share and comment on ideas through Facebook and Twitter.


Winner Anjana Kallarackal came up with the idea to provide healthy food vending machines. As promised in the campaign, she traveled to London to develop her idea with Marriott experts. They met with local vendors and similar businesses (snack subscription service Housebites and Pitfield Café) to firm up the idea to become a potential Marriott offering.


The campaign – featured as a Flash of Genius in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Prestige Hotels – was a success. The video announcing Kallarackal’s winning generated 400,000 YouTube views and became the fourth most popular video among Index brand channels. This year, Marriott built on the campaign with another contest that sends the winner to DC. As the 700 submissions and high volume of YouTube views suggest, travelers want to have a voice in shaping their travel experience. The Travel Brilliantly campaign enables that via submissions, Twitter and Facebook sharing, and commenting on entries through the Facebook plugin.

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