More consumers get cooking ideas online than from any other source, and 28% consult their mobile phone instead of a cookbook when deciding what to prepare for a meal. According to L2’s Food Insight Report on Recipes, brands have adapted to consumer habits. Seventy-four percent of brands in the Digital IQ Index: Food feature recipes on their sites, and two-thirds prominently feature recipes on their brand’s main navigation page. However, brands are more cautious when it comes to recipe videos. Even though 54% of Food Index brands feature videos on their site, just 14% have recipe videos.


Kraft Foods, parent company of Jell-O and A-1, has the broadest investments in video recipes. Sixty percent of Kraft brands feature video recipes, on par with the number of brands that feature recipes. A quarter of General Mills brands and 17% of Unilever brands also feature video recipes, while brands under the remaining parent companies have none on their site.


As of now, 2/3 of consumers expressed a desire for instructional videos from food brands. All the more reason for brands to invest in video recipe content.

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