While Fashion brands have universally established Twitter presences, these generate less engagement than other platforms, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion. Even Chanel, which boasts nearly 10 million Twitter followers, garners less than 3,600 interactions per post. In comparison, the average Fashion brand post on Instagram receives 13,700 interactions.

The study finds that the most engaging tweets serve specific purposes, such as real-time fashion show updates. For example, posts about Fashion Week in Paris garner 3.7 times more interactions than the average Fashion brand tweet; similarly, posts about Fashion Week in London see 2.3 times more interactions.

Fashion brands on TwitterBrands have also used Twitter for its more visual platforms Periscope and Vine. Lacoste, for example, links its Twitter account to its Vine page, a strategy followed by 42% of Fashion brands. This may have paid off, as the brand leads the Index in Vine loops, with more than 13 million to date.


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