Snapchat now boasts more young users than Instagram. The platform’s user penetration among the 18-24 demographic soared from 24% to 58% in 2015, just beating Instagram, which reaches only 55% of those users.

To target those young consumers, brands on Snapchat are adopting more casual personae. Unlike the obsessively edited photos that generate lifestyle envy on Instagram, brand Snapchat posts aim for an authentic vibe. Many feature emojis or hastily scrawled text, attempting to replicate the impromptu style of Snapchat users.

Nail brand OPI illustrates the differences between branded content on the two platforms. While the brand uses Instagram to post editorialized product images, it engages Snapchat users with more casual content, attendees heard last week at L2’s Instagram vs Snapchat briefing.

OPI on Snapchat vs. Instagram

That shrewd differentiation reflects OPI’s digital acumen. The brand ranks in the Gifted category of L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty, in part due to its social skills. As Snapchat becomes an integral part of social media marketing, other brands will also need to master the casual style requisite for success on the platform.


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