Auto-2013Today, we released our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Auto study. Much has happened since our last installment of this report was published three years ago, including a significant demand shift in the U.S. from larger luxury vehicles to smaller, energy-efficient models, a reputational rebound for the Detroit “Big 3,” and an explosion in digital opportunities for these brands to better cater to younger, more digitally-native car buyers. This new study looks at the digital performance of 42 Auto brands in five categories–value, premium entry-level, premium, luxury and ultra-luxury–and identifies, among other things, the companies that are leveraging online channels most effectively.

The top-ranked Auto brand and the only digital ‘Genius’ in the 2013 report is Ford, whose digital portfolio performed the best against our methodology that looks at more than 675 data points across Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile efforts. Below, is an infographic from our report outlining why Ford earned its place at the top. (click for greater detail)


To download an excerpt of this new report, click here.

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