FDC_baltz_future copy L2 Forums have a tradition of enlisting speakers whose expertise appears to have no relationship with Digital IQ. One of those speakers scheduled for this year’s event on November 10th is Food Designer and Artist Emilie Baltz who authored two books about food, drawing on her upbringing in Illinois and France. Junk Foodie: 51 Delicious Recipes for the LowBrow Gourmand recreates small plates and deserts Baltz was exposed during her childhood summers in France, using traditional American junk food. L.O.V.E FOODBOOK, which Baltz co-authored and designed, asks 15 renowned mixologists and chefs to create recipes inspired by love.

Prior to experimenting with the Food medium for storytelling Balz had been trained in Modern Dance, Screenwriting, Photography, and Industrial Design. She now creates culinary experiences that engage the five senses, mixing dining with photography, music, lighting and other tools to engage the senses.

So what can brand managers and marketers learn from Baltz? She believes differences in how people eat are indicative of differences in how they behave and how they consume everything, from cars, to relationships to schools. To hear Baltz speak more on the culinary experience, members can request an invite to the Forum here.




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