Despite the fact that fragrance brands post some of the poorest fan engagement metrics of any luxury vertical we’ve measured, there are a few bright spots. As revealed in our latest research report, Digital IQ Index: Fragrance, hiding among the vast majority that haven’t updated their Facebook content in 70 days or more — or some, like Britney Spears’ fragrances, which have had no presence at all — there are a few doing it really right. One of these is French brand Cacharel (L’Oréal), whose scent Amor Amor maintains one of the most original, regularly-updated presences in social media.


To start, the fragrance’s “about” description, which introduces the page’s fictional author/muse, Emma (“a young student in Paris”), is translated into four languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Likewise, Emma’s posts were also multi-lingual, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to reach out to fans not only with the personal touch of a distinct voice but also through a global reach with regionalized content. Emma’s posts succeed for Cacharel in two primary ways: (1) since they began in February 2011, they have been regular in frequency (daily, for the most part) and each one consistent with Emma’s personality (2) whether it be an Instagram-ed photo (see her Father’s Day picture above), a YouTube clip of her boyfriend of five months Andréas, or a casual observation about her day, Emma’s posts make Amor Amor fans feel more connected to her, the community, and most important, the product.



For a small brand with a poor site experience, Cacharel managed to rank an impressive third (behind Balenciaga and Chloé) for Facebook among the 63 fragrance brands included in our study. What really drove the brand’s fan figures this year was a UGC contest, L’Atelier Amor Amor, launched just prior to Valentine’s Day. In the chart above, you can see the dramatic spike in ‘likes’ during this period: In just two months, Amor Amor’s page went from approximately 250,000 to just shy of 500,000 — a milestone Emma and her fans reached just yesterday.


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