twitter (1)88% of brands in our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | France have a French presence on Facebook, but community sizes and engagement rates are much lower than in the U.S. 38% of Beauty brands in France have adopted the Facebook global pages framework, and 36% feature stand-alone French pages. Those with stand-alone pages have larger communities by 56%, but the average stand-alone French page is still 13x smaller than the average U.S. page. Brands post less often on French pages, 4.7 posts per week versus 7.5 in the U.S.


However, a few standouts lead France’s Facebook adoption. Yves Rocher has the most followers, 850,000, while Institut Esthederm has the highest interaction rate, 0.15%. Brand tactics to increase their fan base has been effective. For example, Rimmel London’s Christmas contest grew the brand’s fan base by 80% in the past three months. And Bobbi Brown increased its French Facebook community by 95% with the “Pretty Powerful” campaign.


Social media growth has been slow in France compared to other European countries, but French internet users still spend 1.7 hours a day on social channels. For brands, that is a low-cost and potentially effective place to reach them.

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