Our Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France finds that brands in the category have invested a lot in videos, cross-selling and social sharing, but have neglected practical features such as user reviews and ingredient listings. More than 70% of Index brands feature local videos, surpassing their US counterparts. Similarly, 58% of French personal care sites cross sell vs. just 48% of US sites in the category. More French personal care sites enable email sharing than US ones, 19% vs. 10%.



ButĀ French personal care sites have not invested in reviews, even though 96% of French users pay attention to them and 89% consider them when making a purchase decision. Just 33% provide them on the brand site vs. 59% in the US. Ingredients, which just 20% of Index brands provide, are also an essential tool. Thirty-four percent of French shoppers cite lack of information about a product or service as a key frustration when online shopping.


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