Thirty-four percent of French shoppers cite lack of information about a product or service as a key frustration in online shopping, and personal care brands in France are addressing those concerns with heavy content investment. Seventy-five percent of brand sites feature videos (compared to 60% in the US), and 86% of brand sites provide scientific and educational information.


However, L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France finds that most brands fail to integrate information with purchasing steps to create a seamless shopping experience. For example, despite overwhelming investment in video, only 20% of brands have integrated them in their product pages. And while three in five sites have interactive tools, only 31% lead to product recommendations.


Overall, French personal care sites lag behind their U.S. counterparts in leading consumers to a purchase point. Just 28% of French personal care brand sites link to e-tailers vs. 81% in the US.

A few exceptions to the rule: Oral-B provides educational information on more than seven dental topics, and an always present Amazon buy button provides a non-disruptive e-commerce option. Skincare brand Mixa links to several retailers, including Amazon and Monoprix.


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