Personal care brands in France are investing in YouTube content, but the increase in production is not returning an adequate number of views. The graph below shows while video uploads and views correlate in general, some brands leverage content better than others. For example, Axe and Vivelle have more views on their YouTube channels than Nivea, despite having uploaded fewer videos. And L’Oréal Paris has ten times the number of uploads of Garnier, but only three times the number of views.

chart-1 (9)

Overall, brands in L2’s  Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France are weak in search visibility. Just 78% of the brands that maintain a YouTube channel (54%) appear in first page search results for brand keywords, and only 31% appear as the first result. Despite its low visibility/production ratio, L’Oréal Paris is the leader on YouTube with 8.5x the videos and 10x the views of the average brand in the France Personal Care Index. L’Oréal Paris is leveraging its YouTube strength with ‘Buy Now’ buttons on its YouTube channel.

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