While image-sharing app Pinterest has often been viewed as the logical site for social commerce, it has had to play catch up with other social media outlets, particularly Facebook, when it comes to getting users to make purchases on the platform.  Recently, Pinterest has been making strides towards this goal with a new Secret Santa tool that encourages users to buy gifts for the holiday season.

According to L2’s Social Platforms report, 63% of US mobile shoppers discover products on social platforms. Pinterest’s Secret Santa tool capitalizes on this fact by pairing up with a variety of brands, including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coca-Cola, CVS, and Universal Pictures to find custom gift ideas for friends and family — whether they use Pinterest or not. The potential for commerce to boom on Pinterest is plentiful. According to Pinterest, 97% of user searches are unbranded, creating a major opportunity for advertisers.

Additionally, Pinterest creative program lead Nancy Jeng states that Pinterest pinners are 35% more likely to buy gifts than non-pinners and spend 45% more when they do buy gifts, making the Secret Santa tool a particularly well-positioned feature to push contextual commerce to consumers who are already engaged and pinning during the season of giving.

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