Healthy is trendy these days. Following the trail left by granola bar brands like Kind and Nature Valley, frozen food makers are rebranding their product offerings for the health-conscious consumer.

Birds Eye recently relaunched its site with a heavy emphasis on the health benefits of its frozen vegetable products. The site looks a lot like the health- and ingredient-focused site that Kind uses to promote its energy bars; in fact, Birds Eye content pages bear a remarkable resemblance to Kind’s About Us page.

Like Birds Eye, other frozen food brands have been increasingly vocal about their commitments to nutrition and healthy ingredients. An impressive 86% maintain an About Us page that articulates a brand mission, ten points higher than the rate among food brands as a whole, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food. Their digital investments in site content and functionality mirror their efforts to revamp their value proposition. A fifth of frozen food brands provide nutrition-specific search and navigation features, more than their rivals.

Frozen food makers like Amy’s Kitchen and Lean Cuisine also mimic fellow healthy brands and feature robust product imagery and nutritional promises. As consumers increasingly search for information about ingredients and nutrition, these brands have responded with site investments that communicate their proposition and highlight what makes their products unique.

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