Select beverage brands in China are using the population’s proclivity for gaming to increase site visits and time spent viewing their brand pages. Over than a third (34%) of beverage brands in China feature interactive games on their site, slightly higher than the percentage (29%) featuring user-generated content.

CB-02 (1)Gaming is one of the top three online activities for 30% of consumers, and 80% of Chinese consumers circulate links or comments related to online content. Furthermore, 70% post photos online. Considering the popularity of these activities, even more brands should be dedicated a page to UGC campaigns or at least featuring a feed of user generated submissions on their timeline. Of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: China Beverages, just 19% featured a feed of live UGC submissions and 17% had a live social feed.

Citrus juice brands Minute Maid and Master Kong are ahead of the pack in creating and posting sharable content. Minute Maid invites user to share 360° panoramas from around the world to the brand site, and to share photos posted by other fans to Tencent Weibo, QQ Zone, WeChat, Sina Weibo and Renren. Master Kong’s site hosts hosts a series of single and multiplayer games, which users can play to accumulate loyalty points.

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