When Jet.com launched and promised cheaper products than Amazon, many predicted a swift fail. However, Walmart purchased the company for $3.3 billion in August, signaling plans to beat Amazon armed with fast delivery and extensive retail presence.

Even prior to the Walmart acquisition, Jet.com has aggressively invested in search visibility. According to L2’s 2016 Digital IQ Index: Food, the e-tailer owns 64% of Google PLAs for brand term searches and 37% of PLAs for category term searches. That is more than any major retailer.


Considering Jet.com’s determination to own a large portion of search results, brands investing in visibility on Jet.com are winning. Gerber, Kraft, and Campbell’s are few brands that win in depth and breadth on Jet.com, according to L2’s study. The graph below shows iconic brands that have some visibility across many terms, those that own most results for a few terms, those that excel in breadth and depth, and those that are practically invisible in search.



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