Like their global peers, German shoppers increasingly browse on mobile devices rather than desktop. Most visits to Beauty brand sites in 2015 were from a smartphone or tablet, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty Germany. However, few brands have ramped up their mobile investments in line with this trend.

Just 70% of Index brands have mobile-optimised sites, and many of those sites are less functional than their desktop counterparts. For example, while 76% of desktop sites let customers create wish lists, only a third permit them to do so on mobile. And only a few brands incorporate functionalities unique to mobile into their brand sites, such as automatic geolocation for store locators or click-to-call customer service numbers.

Brand sites

Optimising emails for mobile inboxes is also critical. Yet barely half of brands format emails for mobile and just a quarter provide links to nearby retail locations.

KIKO Milano is one brand that made these changes. In 2015, the links to product pages and social accounts were too small to read and located at the very bottom of the page, according to L2’s study. This year, the emails have been revamped to include finger-size buttons and large legible links to social media properties and apps.

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