Mobile is quickly becoming the dominant domain for searches as consumers turn to mobile devices through various stages of the purchase journey. Mobile searches accounted for close to half of all searches for beauty-related terms in the 2015-2016 study period for L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty Germany, up from 39% in the previous year. Meanwhile, in the same period, desktop’s share of mobile searches for beauty terms decreased 19%.

As a result, the German mobile search landscape is more competitive than ever. Organic results are often left unseen as PLAs control and take over the pre-scroll search screen. Brands should invest in paid ads and increase their effectiveness with deep links, click-to-call features, and automatic geo-location detection. Organic results can also be enhanced with long and accordion-style deep links that fill the entire link.

MAC Cosmetics sets a best-in-class example of a brand that excels in mobile search, filling mobile screens with paid and organic results. Paid ads for the brand have multiple deep links that fill almost the entire screen, and beneath the paid result is a brand-owned organic result with deep links that connect to a store locator.

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