L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty | Germany finds smartphone ownership in the country to be low relative to other Western European countries and the U.S. Just 40% of Germans own a smartphone vs. 62% of U.K. residents. Accordingly, just 38% of Beauty brands have created a mobile site for Germany while 64% of U.K. brands and 75% of U.S. brands have done so.


However, that might not be a fitting strategy. Even though ownership rates are low, those who own the devices overwhelmingly use them for shopping and research. Ninety-seven percent of German smartphone owners have researched products on their phones, and 32% of smartphone owners have made a purchase on their phone. That’s slightly lower than the fraction of U.K. smartphone owners that have made a purchase via mobile (39%), showing there is no reason why brands in Germany should lag in adopting mobile sites.



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