L2’s series of reports on EU Personal Care shows that Germans are less receptive to social media compared to other European countries. Just 6% of Germans use Twitter compared to 22% of U.K. residents, and just 43% of Germans use any type of social network vs. 60% of UK residents.

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As the graphs from L2’s Digital Index: Personal Care | Germany show, brands have adapted their strategies accordingly. For example, 90% of Personal Care brands in the UK have created pages specific to the country vs. just 66% in Germany. Personal Care brand presence on emerging platforms Google+ and Pinterest is close to non-existent, 7% and 8% respectively. On YouTube, however, Personal Care brand’s German presence surpasses that of France by 10%.

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Many of the brands on YouTube repurpose global content. Popular campaigns such as Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” and “Like A Girl”, and Wilkinson Sword’s “First Impression” have registered more than a million German views each.

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