Retailers in Europe commonly use Twitter to communicate with consumers – especially to share quick updates on company news and product offers. Although content moves fast on the platform, it’s a valuable tool for retailers to build brand awareness.

While Twitter may not be a priority for all brands, 72% of retailers analyzed in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe post regularly on the platform, albeit with varying levels of performance. A common thread between top performing non-grocery retailers is their use of competition-based content.

Competitions allow consumers to win selected products by completing tasks described in the tweet. This has been particularly popular in France, where all non-grocery retailers with Twitter accounts have used competitions to engage with consumers over the past year. France’s Cdiscount boasted the highest yearly interactions across all retailers and received on average 30 times more interaction on tweets with competitions.

cdiscount twitter

Here’s some food for thought when launching a competition on Twitter:

  • Attention: Pin the prize draw tweets to the top to gain as much attention as possible. Include an image and a link to the product page of the product to be won in the competition to drive traffic to site.
  • Action: Some retailers simply ask users to retweet and follow their account. However, it is possible to drive more meaningful engagement by posing questions relating to a specific product, for example.
  • Avoid: Posts that require Twitter users to complete a form outside of the platform attract far fewer interactions as they are not required for entry to the prize draw. Retailers that use these types of competitions therefore miss out on building a larger follower base as they do not ask for users to follow the account.

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