British “lad mag” LADbible just topped the charts as Facebook’s most popular publisher. For brands, this is especially newsworthy, as it means that creating their own content isn’t the only way to reach consumers.

In fact, publishers like LADbible often engage better with consumers than brands. With more Facebook followers than CNN and BuzzFeed, the publisher has become well-known for its clickable news bits. Unlike many news platforms, LADbible doesn’t always focus on hard-hitting news, but rather, digs up funny, interesting, or relatable content, such as a story about a new, very unexpected flavor of chips. Consumers might not head to a chip brand’s site to scope out the latest news in snacks, but they would be interested to see the information from a publishing platform like LADbible. Proving this point, has a much higher rated Alexa skill on the topic of cooking than soup brand Campbell’s, according to Gartner L2’s intelligence report on the topic.

Famous for its pop culture stories and quick video hits, LADbible could be a great bridge for brands trying to reach a younger market. Earlier this year, Smirnoff inked a one-year project with the platform based on data that 30% of millennials were “confused” about how to approach the subject of inclusivity—information gleaned from LADbible’s research. If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s shareable content. Topped with LADbible’s ubiquity on Facebook, that’s further indication that the best way for brands to connect with consumers might be right under their noses.

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