From Tide pods to slime balls, social media can create some pretty out-there trends. The latest one, soap-cutting videos called “soapstagrams,” might be a game-changer for soap brands.

The short clips tap into the appeal of ASMR, which has already taken YouTube by storm. Viewers find joy and relief in watching even the plainest of soap bars sliced, diced, and manipulated on the platform.

This could be an opportunity for soap brands, which have often been excluded from social media due to their inherent lack of aesthetic appeal. While skincare and bath & shower brands lead the personal care category in adoption of influencer marketing, you rarely see a plain old bar of soap. Instead, posts typically feature glittery bath bombs and jiggly creams.

The fact that soapstagrams are new and niche could also benefit soap brands. According to L2’s report on influencers, micro-influencer posts tagging brands garner more than double the engagement of brand-tagged posts by small, medium, large, and mega-influencers. Soap might be the new slime, and brands should be ready to get on this soapbox while it lasts.

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