Given that more than half of emails are opened on phones, brands have a clear motivation to optimize their messages for mobile. But they shouldn’t stop there. L2’s Mobile report lays out several ways for brands to go beyond baseline optimization and tailor email content for mobile audiences.

One way to enhance the mobile email experience is to place deep links to the brand app and site within messages. When deep linking, brands should minimize the number of touchpoints users come across during the path to purchase. This not only alleviates the friction consumers may experience when browsing products, but also boosts user engagement across platforms.


Leading brand Kohl’s demonstrates a robust mobile-first strategy. The brand’s emails include deep links to its mobile app and product pages, incentivizing mobile-based product interaction as well as both digital and in-store commerce. Kohl’s also lets users add discount offers from marketing emails directly to the brand app, simplifying the task of redeeming offers. 

This example highlights just one area of mobile email optimization. Going forward, brands also need to consider how to integrate omnichannel features into mobile campaigns, from inventory checks to in-store pickup. 

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