Mobile has overtaken desktop when it comes to media consumption, accounting for 71% of digital minutes for US consumers and well over 60% in major European markets. According to L2’s report covering on-site video deployment, 85% of brands score above 90 on Google’s mobile usability testing, which evaluates the incorporation of mobile tags and responsive design. However, the rubric for doing well on mobile is not so straightforward. Large video file sizes and limited network bandwidth cripple the mobile viewing experience and can lead to higher bounce rates.

Best-in-class brands are aware of these factors and tightly control the video viewing experience. They have gone beyond simply mirroring their desktop sites and have started to deploy mobile-optimized versions of video assets. Still, only 9% of brands deploy videos in vertical view, with the majority sticking to traditional widescreen formats. This is a huge miss, as evidenced by the positive engagement and completion rates vertical videos enjoy on social platforms like Facebook.

On-site video

Bottega Veneta gets video deployment right on its mobile site, setting an example for other brands. Luxury brand desktop sites tend to be packed with intricate rich media resources and full-page videos. These assets do not lend themselves well to mobile due to the large file sizes and bloated video codecs. As a result, Luxury brands tend to lag their desktop counterparts when it comes to the mobile site experience.

Bottega Veneta bucks this trend. The brand successfully translated a fashion show banner video from desktop to mobile, retaining key elements and pitching the content in half the time. The video renders vertically, and also autoplays upon page view without pushing the viewer into full-screen mode. This enables the brand to direct viewers to various collection pages, from Small Leather Goods to Men’s Sunglasses, all without disrupting their site experience. Link buttons have also been eliminated on the mobile site. Instead, users can click on the video to be directed to the brand collection’s grid page. This tactical choice makes the vertical video uncluttered and easy to view.

Bottega Veneta

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