Only 2% of brands analyzed in L2’s Content & Commerce report fail to maintain a Facebook page, indicating that this has become essentially a default. However, adoption of key commerce features like the Facebook Call to Action button remains underutilized at close to 83%.

Content and commerce

This customizable button is a valuable tool for brands seeking to drive interaction through Facebook. Brands can modify what the button says and where it links to, from an e-commerce site to a customer service hotline. Brands can also include a Messenger functionality on their page, allowing them to interact with customers—a feature employed by 77% of accounts in L2’s study.

Despite the uptick of brands using Messenger, however, only 31% of brands respond to customer queries within an hour. These brands should take advantage of Messenger’s chatbot integration, which helps brands personalize user interactions and respond to customers more quickly by narrowing down queries before directing customers to the appropriate site page or connecting them with a customer service associate. 

By underutilizing these commerce features, brands miss an opportunity to turn an upper funnel impression into a conversion opportunity.

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