You may have noticed something a little different about your Gilt City email this morning. All this week, the Gilt site whose job it is to lure you in with “memorable adventures and exclusive offers at insider prices,” is taking a look back at its most popular and most highly-rated offerings of the past year (from spa treatments and restaurants to gym classes and shopping trips) and bringing you your city’s “best of” collective at a generous discount. While that is all good and great, the real draw of Gilt City’s weeklong campaign is its hidden discounts (pictured at left). To gain access to these special deals, users must agree to share the digital coupon’s URL on their Facebook page or Twitter feed. Once shared, the vendor and discount are revealed, adding both a social media-sharing aspect to the experience and, because these offers are limited in quantity, an added layer of exclusivity as well.


Judging from how many “Let’s unlock this Best of Gilt City offer!” L2-ers have come across on their Facebook pages today — not to mention the 16 mentions per hour #BestofGiltCity is currently averaging on Twitter — the new campaign looks as if it’s off to a very successful start.


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