Mobile’s rapid penetration is shaking up e-commerce. Mobile devices account for around 34% of retail e-commerce transactions worldwide, prompting brands to optimize their sites for smartphone and tablet use. However, L2’s Intelligence Report: Localization finds that many global brand sites still fail to offer a mobile friendly experience.

Regional mobile investments often lag behind m-commerce adoption rates. South Korea, for example, has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world; 46% of retail transactions take place on mobile devices, compared with less than one-third in the U.S. However, only 73% of global brand sites in South Korea satisfy Google’s “mobile friendly” standards, while 94% of U.S. brand sites meet the same criteria. The data suggests brands could reap significant benefits from ensuring that mobile sites in countries with high mobile adoption rates are easy to use.

Mobile friendly countries

Besides cutting short the purchase path, missing the “mobile friendly” label significantly cuts into a brand’s search visibility. The label determines whether site interfaces are compatible with mobile screen sizes; sites that fail to meet Google’s standards frequently appear with text too small to read or links too close together, which makes them difficult to click with a finger and hurts their search rank.

Mobile friendly features

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