Mobile platforms have become the primary gateway for delivery. Examples like British retailer ASOS’ ASOS instant and Macy’s-owned beauty chain Bluemercury’s Bluemercury Connect make clear that the beauty market is ready for the ultimate in store-to-door convenience. Another brand that could benefit from introducing an instant delivery feature is online beauty startup Glossier.

Within mobile, Glossier reigns as a content-first brand with an easy-to-follow, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing interface that echoes its product packaging. The brand famously coined the Krispy Kreme look well before wet n’ dewy went viral, demonstrating its knack for predicting trends — a critical skill as beauty goes digital.

Although the brand does have a brick-and-mortar showroom, the Glossier “unmarketing” strategy emphasizes building anticipation around products on email and social media. The brand’s most recent product, a perfume, was released after a slew of mobile-friendly emails. Despite being Glossier’s first foray into fragrance, the product garnered several positive reviews.

Demand for mobile commerce is off the charts, but only a handful of brands take full advantage of the platform. Although 94% of brands in L2’s mobile report adapt their site content for the small screen, Glossier is one of only 12% employing unique features that allow users to make the most of their experience. This is a crucial move in this sector, where brands now need to stay on top of both beauty and digital trends.

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