In L2’s first-ever Digital IQ Index: Brazil Russia India report, released last week, we highlight three emerging markets where a growing demand for luxury has slowly begun to capture the attention of the traditionally western and Asia-focused prestige industry. Given the deepening pockets of consumers in Brazil, Russia, and India, it would be unwise to continue to ignore these markets: in little more than 12 years, BRI will account for 20 percent of global luxury sales. With such bullish growth on the horizon, now is the time for brands to build strong relationships with BRI consumers–particularly when it comes to the digital arena.


Surprisingly, few prestige brands have made any meaningful attempts to appeal to the rising tide of BRI internet users. Just 27 percent of the brands included in this report offer websites translated into Russian; only 22 percent translate content into Portuguese. Furthermore, just one-fifth (21 percent) maintain a BRI-dedicated Facebook page.


A local strategy can go a long way in reaching BRI consumers. L2 data suggest that Russians and Brazilians are 24 percent more likely to search for brands whose sites have been translated into their native languages. Among those with translated sites, brands that add a local Facebook page to the mix garner an additional 22 percent more searches, suggesting that a wide yet consistent reach generates the most interest online.



Prestige brands considering a local approach would do well to look to Clinique and its success story in Russia. Ranked as the fifth highest Digital IQ for Russia, Clinique offers an “.ru” URL which links to a Russian account on both Facebook and VK, the country’s most popular social media platform. Russians are eager to comment, share and ‘like’ on a timeline tailored to their tastes. Clinique’s fast-growing Russian page features a significantly larger interaction rate than its international counterpart. Visitors clearly find the local site more engaging: the average visitor on browses more than six minutes longer than the average visitor on And if search is any indication of demand for its beauty products, Clinique is in for a treat – with its robust presence on social media and its localized website, Clinique receives three times as many Russian Google searches as its competitors.


For more insights and analysis on the BRI markets and to view the full rankings for each of the three countries, download the full report here.



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