adGoogle is testing replacing the list of ten emails under the Promotions tab with an endless pin board of images from marketers. Users can sign up to preview the new feature on a field trial, and  senders can choose which images should be highlighted or let Google select.


Google likely made the move to appease marketers, since its decision to separate their emails from personal ones in June created backlash. The new Pinterest-like format seems intuitive, letting marketing emails appear true to the ads they intend to be.


Though email, in its current understated form, is one of the most effective tactics to drive consumers to a brand site or make a sale. As mentioned in our review of 2013, emails from fashion brands had a 20.8% open and 3.3% click rate last year, far better than social media.


Part of email’s allure could be simplicity in a world of distractions and overstimulation. And Google’s new format would take that away.

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