For proof that content is king, just look at GoPro, which has hovered near the top of L2’s consumer electronics brand rankings since 2015 and finally launched into the top three this year. The brand goes the extra mile by focusing on both user-generated and shoppable content, two features that allow its marketing efforts to stand out from the rest.

Most electronics brands maintain below-average site content, but a few stand out as leaders, according to L2’s recent content marketing report. While some brands may grimace at the thought of maintaining an evergreen carousel of user content on their site, GoPro embraces this tactic and reaps the rewards. Along with featuring a user-generated photo and video on its website daily, GoPro ensures that every piece of content posted is shoppable. Its product pages feature videos created with the relevant device along with shoppable tags and images indicating which GoPro products were used to produce the content.  This is a perfect example of how consumer electronics brands can create opportunities to combine user-generated and shoppable content on one page.

In order to glean user-generated content at an accelerated rate, the site’s GoPro Awards page incentivizes users to submit photos and videos for daily cash prizes. Winning user content is then featured on a revolving carousel and user videos are displayed on the site through the embedded YouTube channel, which draws over 5.5 million subscribers.  Additionally, GoPro’s website gives amateur filmmakers everything they need to create content, from creative tips to a full library of license-free music. By weaving user-generated videos into both its website and its social channels, GoPro sets the standard for innovative repurposing of content.

Through supporting user-generated photos and videos, GoPro has created a content engine that provides daily uploads that fit the brand’s aesthetic and can be displayed throughout both the brand’s site and social platforms. Meanwhile, by doubling down on shoppable video content and creating a steady space where consumers can cycle through photos and videos, the brand makes it likely that curious prospects will become true loyalists.

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