Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.23.01 PMThe Greek yogurt market has grown by 38.3% since 2008. As the high-protein version of yogurt has become more popular, traditional yogurt brands such as Yoplait and Danone have been forced include the variety in their offerings. Currently, Chobani and Yoplait lead in market share with 20.4% and 20.1% respectively. Danone is third with 15.8%. Our upcoming food study, scheduled for release in April, will look at how the top brands are looking to increase their market share. As of now, Danone and Yoplait brands started the war with pop-up stores in New York.


This week, Danone started handing out free packets of its Greek yogurt from a food truck in Soho. Yoplait also handed out Greek yogurt from its pop-up store a few blocks away, but took it a step further with a blind taste test against Chobani, which has a permanent store in Soho. Customers who chose Yoplait in the test go a t-shirt publicizing their preference.


It will be interesting to see whether Danone and YoPlait’s marketing efforts can knock off Chobani from its dominant position in the $8.5 billion yogurt market. Stay tuned for L2’s upcoming food study for a digital assessment and ranking of food brands.

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