Häagen-Dazs is adding a new ingredient to its marketing mix: influencers, specifically those with a taste for tennis. From mega players like Wimbledon challenger Grigor Dimitrov to micro-influencer Sloane Stephens, the inclusion of influencers might help lob the ice cream company into full-fledged digital stardom.

Häagen-Dazs currently owns 41% of the ice cream category on Amazon Prime Now, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food. The brand also excels at e-commerce, using an innovative approach to customer handoff via its partnership with FusePump, a digital commerce solution that streamlines handoff from Häagen-Dazs’ brand site to local grocers and filters based on location and availability of certain flavors.

FusePump also redirects customers to product pages on retail sites like AmazonFresh, where products can be added to your cart with a single click. Within the 47% of brands that incorporate e-commerce handoff, less than a third hand off from the brand site to an e-tailer product page, illuminating an opportunity for brands to expedite the online purchase process. By adding influencers, the ice cream purveyor might be able to sweeten up its previous, relatively vanilla strategies.

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