With Americans spending an estimated $9 billion on Halloween this year, brands from all categories are stepping out of their comfort zones to give the people what they want.

Luxury brand Dior paired up with ambassador Bella Hadid for its first Halloween-themed video.¬†Featured on the brand’s YouTube channel, the video teases a set of spooky last-minute looks using Dior products. The tutorials tap into the commercial spirit of Halloween, complete with creepy fonts, an echoed voiceover, and organ background music fit for a haunted house.

However, they’re hard to find. While the trailer video is both searchable and visible on the brand’s YouTube channel, the tutorials for each of the three looks are all mysteriously marked as unlisted.

In a mash-up of two of the most October activities of all (Halloween and football), beverage brand Dr. Pepper is taking its beloved TV character Larry Culpepper into the real world with a campaign spanning all platforms: TV, social media, and of course, college football games. Dubbed the “Pepper Pack”, a group of superfans have been called upon to don the character-turned-costume and spread spirit, mascot-style, through the crowds.

Fox and Mars Candy Company have also launched digital content, putting their heads together to create a series of short horror stories on YouTube and TV that are a far cry from the lovable M&M cartoon characters viewers have grown accustomed to. Each less than two minutes long, the videos pack a serious punch of fear. While none feature any of the brand’s products, they pay homage to the primary function of Mars’ famous sugary treats — entertainment.

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