User-generated content is a great way to engage viewers. Among luxury brands, this type of content provides an average 14% engagement lift over traditional posts, according to Gartner L2’s¬†report on luxury social media.¬†However, going through thousands of posts to locate UGC that fits your brand’s aesthetic can be daunting.


However, brands that have successfully featured UGC have a common strategy: hashtags. Brands that promote a hashtag feature UGC content over 3 times more, and see over double the engagement lift on such posts. For example, Four Seasons prompts guests to use the #sharemyFS hashtag to get featured on its official Instagram page. The brand follows through on this promise, featuring this type of content in 13% of its posts. As a result, Four Seasons achieves a 26% engagement lift over traditional posts, demonstrating the value of an effective UGC strategy.

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