Heineken wants to go home with you. The brewery is making its first foray into e-commerce, selling its line of home tap machines on a new site called draftforhome.com. In addition to beer, the machines add two new products to the line-up: cold brew and kombucha. The service is only available in New York City for now, but when it rolls out nationwide, it could uncap a new layer of visibility for the brand.

Heineken’s e-commerce-free site has already captured a fair share of buzz, drawing the fourth-highest traffic of all brand sites analyzed in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages. While the study recommends that most beverage brands avoid investing substantial resources in direct-to-consumer e-commerce, due to a combination of competing visibility, existing infrastructure, and ease of use on third-party retailers like Amazon and Walmart, this impressive traffic could make Heineken an exception.

In diving into e-commerce, Heineken can look to other successful enterprises such as Nestlé’s ReadyRefresh. The brand incentivizes recurring purchases for its range of beverage products, specifically bottled water.

Even if Heineken’s new e-commerce service doesn’t become a household staple, it can help ensure convenient distribution of the brand’s products for loyal customers. Additionally, it might be the digital push needed to get Heineken out of Gartner L2’s Gifted category and into Genius.

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