L2 released an animated video this week along with the 2014 Digital IQ Index: Beer. A few highlights:


– Digital ad spending grew to 8% of marketing expenditures in 2011, up from 2% in 2005. However, it still trails TV and sponsorship of sporting events, which make up 31% of 18% of ad spending respectively.


– Online beer sales will depend on the online grocery battleground, where several leaders (AmazonFresh, Whole Foods, and Fresh Direct) have emerged. AmazonFresh plans to expand to 20 new markets in the U.S. in 2014. A survey reveals 34% of consumers are willing to shop online for Beer.


– Digital advertising efforts have been the chaser to TV ads, but that is slowly changing. Newcastles’ Super Bowl Campaign “The Ad We Didn’t Make Due to Lack of Money, Talent, and Permission to Advertise During the Game” became a hit that registered more than 9 million views.


– Two of the five Geniuses in this year’s Index were craft brewers, as well as 2/3 of Gifted brands.


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