Last week L2 hosted the Clicks and Mortar clinic with speakers discussing the relationship between brick-and-mortar stores and digital assets. A few highlights:

    • L2 Founder Scott Galloway calls showrooming a false threat. Customers’ interaction with digital assets before or during their visit to the store increases the odds of conversion.
    • CEO of Deliv Daphne Carmeli says customers prefer flexibility in where and when they want to receive a package over faster delivery.
    • L2 CTO Dean McRobie gives a real time view of cyber attacks against retailers.
    • NYU Stern Professor Arun Sundararajan says any goods with high value and low usage frequency are ripe for disruption by the sharing economy.
    • L2 Co-Founder Maureen Mullen says Macy’s decision to close stores despite a good year is indicative of how the retail game has changed.

Members can see full videos of speakers here.

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