L2 released an animated video along with its Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France. Here are a few highlights from the study:

– In 2013, less than a quarter of French consumers purchased CPG products online, vs. almost half who purchased fashion products online, but the sector looks promising. It grew 8% in the first quarter of 2014.

– French supermarkets are catching up to Amazon in personal care e-commerce sales by leveraging click-and-collect. has 6.3% of the France Personal Care market share, just behind Amazon at 8.8%.

– Personal Care brands have a lot of work to do in France. Less than 50% have purchased basic search queries, less than a third offer coupons, and just a third have account functionality on their site.

– Nivea and L’Oréal Paris are success stories with different approaches. Nivea directs shoppers to Amazon for purchase and L’Oréal has developed a robust e-commerce site.

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