With the second annual Intelligence Report: Social Platforms report, L2 released an animated video. Here are a few of the highlights:


– Brands are present on an average of 7 social media platforms, and Adidas leads with a presence on 13. However, brands will need to consolidate their presence to the most effective ones.


– Presence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is nearly ubiquitous. Brands’ Instagram adoption is up 18% year-on-year, while Vine, Pinterest and Tumblr participation has declined.


– Most brands are global to a fault on social media. Instead of tapping native platforms, they rely on Facebook. In China, Sina Weibo is showing signs of weakness while WeChat grew by 25.7% in a year.


– Facebook has pulled the biggest bait & switch in marketing history, encouraging brands to build communities before requiring them to pay to reach their fans. Other social platforms are trying to emulate that, but none have Facebook’s reach.


– Google+’s reach plummeted 98% this year, and Snapchat has failed to garner sustained brand engagement despite its attractive demographics.


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