L2 released an animated video this week with the 2014 Digital IQ Index: Spirits report. Here are a few highlights from the clip:


– In the past 15 years, the resurgence of a cocktail culture reshaped the alcoholic beverage industry.


– Advertising budgets have shifted to late night television, where brands benefit from relaxed regulations. Digital plays a supporting role. Only 13% of brands ended their television ads with a hashtag and only 31% linked to a brand site.


– A limited number of brands direct consumers to a point of purchase online. Just 33% of U.S. brands provide direct e-commerce and only 12% link to online retailers.


– On Twitter, brands have on average 1% the following on Facebook, but certain brand ambassadors (Nas, Dita Von Teese) can dramatically increase that.


– TV has driven views to YouTube, with the top ten brand channels growing 52% in 2013.


– In L2’s second annual Index for the Spirits industry, eight brands maintained their status in the top ten. The Macallan joined the group after relaunching a simplified tablet site.


– Malibu and Bacardi’s marketing efforts were featured as Flashes of Genius in the report. Malibu combined targeted Spotify ads with a Facebook campaign asking fans to enter their city in a competition for Maroon 5’s next performance stop. Bacardi has aggressive online marketing campaign that also promotes offline events.


To learn more on L2’s assessment of the digital performance of 68 Spirits brands, download a study excerpt.

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